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Dead Inside but Caffeinated Tie-Dye

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- Unisex Fit
- Hand Tie-Dye
- 100% Cotton
- Screen printed
- Size down for a more fitted look.

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*** Disclaimer- Due to the nature of bleach/tie-dye and our t-shirts being hand made, there may be discrepancies from t-shirt to t-shirt. Also, the shade or color of t-shirts may vary slightly from t-shirt to t-shirt.

In conclusion no two t-shirts will be the same. Thank you for your understanding!

Also note, If ordering a specific color (Blue, Pink, Red, Green, Maroon, Purple Etc.) If we are out of a specific shade of said color chosen, a slightly darker OR lighter shade of color selected may be used in it's place.

Thank YOU for choosing us.

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