Coffee - Honduras Dark Roast (Women Producers)

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Our women producer coffee from Honduras is sourced from Cooperativa RAOS. Their membership includes 77 women producers whose coffee is separated at the mill from the rest of the coffee grown by the co-op. RAOS is determined to bring attention to their women producers because the women face gender-based legal issues with regards to the ownership of their land. The women also face limitations to the credit they receive to finance their coffee harvest. The co-op offers active educational support programs open to all members. The female members hold gender assemblies to discuss their needs and how to increase equity within the co-op and the community.

RAOS abides by its mission statement “Gender equity means that women and men have the right to equal and fair access to the use, control, and benefits from the same goods and services of society, in addition to decision-making in social, economic, and political areas.” The co-op supports a philosophy of gender equity through the development of integrated farm management programs, training farms, and organic farming support to all its members. While climate, altitude, and varieties are important for quality coffee, Cooperativa RAOS goes one step further through its attention to detail in processing. They have a central processing station for the coffee milling which improves the quality and consistency in the cup.

Springtown Roasters donates part of the proceeds from the sale of this coffee to the Greater San Marcos Youth Council, an organization helping at-risk families in Hays County since 1986.

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