Coffee - Guatemala Medium Roast (Women Producers)

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If you haven’t tried our Fair Trade, Organic Guatemala coffee, you are in for a mouthwatering treat! Women producers of Mayan descent grow the coffee in the Huehuetenango region in the Western Highlands of northwest Guatemala. One of the few non-volcanic regions in Guatemala, the coffee grows in rich clay soil, full of organic material. Soil conservation in the area is critical as the topography is very steep and mountainous. The highest and driest area in Guatemala, the warm dry winds protect the coffee plants from frost. With growing altitudes up to 2,000 meters, the sweet coffee has strong body and distinctive chocolate flavors. 

The Women producers are part of Asociación de Productores de Café Diferenciados y Especiales de Guatemala (ASPROCDEGUA), a producing organization with 664 contributing members. The members own small farms, an average of 2 hectares each. They plant coffee as well as other crops for diversification, including bananas, oranges, lemons, avocado, and guava. The organization offers its members access to technical assistance and routinely provides services such as soil analysis, test farms, and social projects based on food security, education, and nutrition.

Springtown Roasters proudly supports this amazing Fair Trade, Organic Guatemala coffee. With notes of chocolate, cinnamon, almonds, and caramel and a smooth mouth feel, this Guatemala coffee will brighten your day. Made either as a hot cup of coffee or as a classic cold brew, this coffee stands on its own as a great specialty coffee should!

We donate part of the proceeds from the sale of this coffee to the Greater San Marcos Youth Council, an organization helping at-risk families and kids in Hays County since 1986.

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