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Hi, welcome to my jewelry shop.  My name is Max and I was raised here on the Texas Gulf Coast (My mom's family is from the Big Thicket area in SE Texas).  I started doing jewelry as a hobby in the 90's and as copper was cheap and easy to find, that's what I started with. 

I fell in love with making jewelry.  The things I could envision that incorporated Light, Motion & Color are what burn in my mind's eye.

I  create pieces that are unique and a bit different because jewelry is an very personal choice and your choice of jewelry is a way to tell the world who you are. As far as design influences, if it speaks to me, I will find a way to incorporate it.

Now, I work in copper, a little silver, glass & metal beads, gemstones, Polyclay, Resin and found objects.  Currently, most of my jewelry is strung beadwork.  I am teaching myself wirewrap and I hope to have the casting space up and running by mid-late summer, so keep an eye on this (BOOKMARK!).  As I have time, I will be adding more jewelry and more blog.  Have a awesome week


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